Coffee Bar Makeover

Happy weekend friends!

I am super excited to share this post with you all, this was my first solo project!  Granted I probably asked Reid 1,000 questions along the way but hey, that’s how you learn!  This is how it all started…as some of you know little boys are very busy and move FAST.  Auggie is now to the age where he wants to stand up on everything.  Before this project came into my mind I had an awesome Storables cart I designed for when I lived in my downtown Seattle studio.  It worked as a little two person dining table and also storage (oh that big city living!)  When I moved up north into our house I wanted to make use of it and ended up designing this sweet coffee bar as a present to Reid while he was on deployment!  I love this corner of our house, everything about it makes me happy!  As Auggie grows…so does our list of baby proofing, know what I mean?  He has gotten to the point where he can stand up and grab the mugs off the top shelf…Mama needs those mugs for her daily dose (okay doses) of coffee!  This being said…I started stalking Craigslist for an old piece of furniture I could transform into something awesome and auggie-proof!

I ended up finding this old TV stand for $40 and drew up a super non-professional design on a note card and went from there!  I had a vision for what I wanted so once I found a piece that would work I went for it. Here’s what I knew…I wanted chicken wire, fun knobs, and a bold color to bring in some character to our white & grey color palette.  It turned out above and beyond what I was expecting, of course it took WAY more time, money, and curse words than I had anticipated but that’s every project for you 😉  For all of you HGTV fans, don’t get me wrong, I love that station to death but damnnn it’s not as easy as they make it look!  I’ll take one reality check please!

Materials Used:

  • Orbital Sander with 80 Grit Discs
  • Coarse Sanding Sponge or sand paper to get in the corners
  • Wood filler–Recommend Elmer’s brand 
  • White paint–I used a cheap version from Ace Hardware, it took me 3 coats to do the inside of the cabinet so I would recommend something better quality like Behr Marquee (our all time favorite!)
  • Chicken Wire — Any hardware store sells this, I get it from Home Depot
  • Staple Gun
  • Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Napoleonic Blue–this stuff is pretty pricey, about $35 for a can of it but the color is fabulous and it has great ratings, check it out here
  • Annie Sloan Dark Wax– this brought out the wood grain and added a little darkness and shabbiness to the piece
  • Rustoleum Oil rubbed bronze spray paint for the old gold hardware
  • Painters Cloths
  • Paint rollers
  • Angled Paint Brush
  • Frog tape
  • Knobs –found at Hobby Lobby
  • Side hanging hooks– found at Hobby Lobby

Below I’ve posted some pictures of the process…enjoy!

DSC02279Here’s the cabinet in all it’s original glory as I began to take off all the hardware, doors, shelves, etc.  DSC02284I used heavy duty yard pruners along with my hands to take out all the wooden slats, then proceeded to fill each hole with wood filler, let it dry for 24 hours and sand it for a flushed look.


DSC02298Ohhh the words I could use to describe the orbital sander…but this is a family friendly blog so we won’t go there 😉  Sanding is a long and slow process but I really recommend it if you want your project to look professional and last!  I used 80 grit hook and grip discs for this piece.  Also can we talk about my awkward claw in this photo? WTF. 

DSC02303Here it is, two long and sweaty days later, fully stripped down and ready for paint!

DSC02309Back and insides painted white (let dry overnight) then Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint was applied with a handheld roller along with an angled brush to get in the corners.


Annie Sloan Soft Dark Wax was applied with a painters cloth to get the dark “shabby” look, I did my strokes with the grain but you can do it any way you like, or with a hard bristled brush.  She has videos on her website if you want to watch more tutorials on painting/waxing techniques recommended for her products but I just kind of went with what felt right!DSC02316Staple gun was used to apply chicken wire to back of doors after paint & wax have been applied and allowed at least 24 hours to dry, this was my favorite part of the project!!!  I totally felt like a child but staple guns are FUN.  DSC02320


DSC02324Finished look with chicken wire and safety locks added.  This lock was found at Ace but you can really find them at any hardware store…knobs are from Hobby Lobby and I love them!


Now for the final reveal… (drumroll please)






And there you have it folks!  A year ago I never would’ve thought I was doing my own handy project, but I dedicated myself to learning something out of my comfort zone and could not more pleased with the outcome!

Thanks for taking time out of your day to check out this post, we will be in touch!

As always, Sincerely the Smith’s



Summer Style Inspiration

Hey y’all!!! (For the record, I’m totally not southern, actually like the opposite of southern, I’m a born and raised northwest hippie, but I freaking love southern accents so why not!)  Now that I’m done rambling and now that it’s officially summer I thought I would share some of my favorite summer pieces…Since we live way too far away from any decent department stores I have become an excellent online stalker/shopper!

To start this off I am going to share my favorite places to online shop…

Nordstrom (Obviously!)  I find myself doing most of my online shopping here because they are amazing with returns…If things don’t fit I will either ship it back with their prepaid label or collect items in my closet and return them down in Seattle when we make our weekend trips.  I have never once had an issue with them, tags on or off!  Oh and PS – the anniversary sale starts July 22, you can sneak preview some of the sales!

Revolve Clothing – This site is amazing.  They have everything you could possibly want and more, not to mention mega fast shipping.  I find myself mainly shopping here for special occasions because they have a great filter system.  I love that you can put in your exact price point, style, color, etc.  They have a super bohemian vibe which is my jam so I find myself scrolling through their clothes for hours, it’s actually quite pathetic now that I think about it.

ASOS – They are the bomb!  (I know no one says that anymore)  There is almost TOO much stuff on this site but you can find cute things for super cheap.  I did a lot of my maternity shopping here. They also have a cool free 2 day shipping program here, kind of like Amazon Prime.  (Don’t even get me started on my prime membership, the delivery guys know me far too well)

Shopbop – SPLURGE!  But they have really nice quality things and free 2 day shipping with your amazon prime account.

Lulus – This place is amazing for dresses!  I have purchased several dresses off this site and have loved all of them.  The best part…totally affordable.  Chaaa ching!

Favorite Summer Trends

  • Off the Shoulder Shirts
  • Floppy Hats
  • Rompers
  • Kimonos
  • One piece bathing suits
  • Lace up sandals
  • 70s shades
  • Bright lips (The YSL stain I linked below is the absolute best…stays on all dang day!) Tip – If you want a bolder & longer lasting look, apply one layer, dab your lips onto paper towel, then apply layer over the top, really cements it in place and layers the look!  I also use YSL Babydoll mascara and it’s the shit!

I am linking some of my favorite pieces (and most reasonably priced) I have found for the summer, just click on the photo to take you there, enjoy you scrumptious babes!!!
Oh yeah and best part..all under $100 (minus the Ray-Bans, but I got mine when Nordstrom was doing their 25% off sale, watch for that!)


Black & Grey Kimono
Summer Straw Hat
Lace-up Fringe Sandal
70s Style Ray Bans
Bright Lip Stain
Off the Shoulder Mini Dress
Tribal One-Piece Suit
Lace-up Flat Sandals
Off the Shoulder Lace Top
Tropical Romper
Fringe Kimono
Round Taupe Shades
Lace-up Denim Dress
Free People Embroidered Top
Gold Sun Hat

Motivational Monday

You guys!!!  I have been so MIA and I sincerely apologize for my lack of blogging.  Slacker status…but as our house projects have come to a dead-end I have been wanting to start writing about other passions of mine; fashion, music and family!  Here are some of my ideas…Reid and I both have both always had a serious love for music.  I grew up playing the piano and he playing the guitar.  The past few years I have dabbled in and out of learning songs on the guitar but it wasn’t until recently that I really felt the need to commit and see where it can take me.  I don’t know if it’s just me but I have a serious fear of performing in front of other people so for my entire life I kept my love for singing strictly business in the shower 😉  I have the most amazing husband who has always believed in me and pushed me out of my comfort zone so I am finally going to do it.  We’re talking about recording some songs we sing together and posting some video blogs for you all!  Music is such a beautiful thing and it should be shared with the world.

My next love FASHION!  Who doesn’t love online shopping (more so stalking for me) and frolicking around town feeling cute as sh**?! I was inspired to start my blog because of all the fashion blogs I have read and admired for several years now.  Once again, this is a huge leap out of my comfort zone, I have been nervous people will think I’m full of myself which is not the case…I just love fashion and think it’s such a fun thing to share with readers!  And more than that, I need to not care what people think because as Dr. Seuss said, “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”  (On a side note, I freaking love Dr. Seuss!!!  He nailed it on that one!)  With all the terrible events that have been happening in the world recently I keep reminding myself that life is too short.

Last but definitely not least…my family!!!  I don’t know how I got so lucky to have the family I do.  Auggie is an absolute dream come true, I swear he gets cuter every morning I get him out of his crib.  I have 100% accepted the fact that I am totally that crazy human & dog mom.  😛

If you guys have any comments or feedback on my “fresh” blog ideas I would love to hear them!  But if not, you can expect some fun new things coming your way soon!

You know I can’t let you get away without showing you some stinkin’ precious baby photos!  Auggie is 7 months old now, I seriously don’t know where the time has gone.  He’s sitting up, trying to crawl and super into food & trying to feed himself!  Make it stop!  Here’s some of my favorite photos from the past few months.  Thanks for reading guys, looking forward to what’s to come in the future, and thanks or being patient with me!

(If you follow my Instagram there will not be any shortage of baby & dog photos, link is on the right hand side under the follow me tab!)





The Smith’s

Drab to Fab


Good morning beautiful friends!

Normally I get a serious case of the Mondays (and Tuesdays) but I have to say that this gorgeous sunshiny weather has me feeling amped up and ready to rock this week!  So here it goes…I have been meaning to do a post on our beautiful refinished buffet for a while now.  A few months ago we had the debate of selling our large wooden buffet or refinishing it.  It must have sat in our garage for months!  It is such a great piece and really is great for extra storage (which we need!!!)  The only problem was that it no longer matched with any of our furniture & paint colors!  I had browsed lots of ideas on Pinterest and ended up coming up with a design that made it look totally brand new!  Instead of the old brown netting that kept popping out on the top sections, we added chicken wire to the inside of doors by using a staple gun.  Chicken wire is super durable and also CHEAP!  I found awesome brushed black handles for the cabinet doors from Home Depot and Reid spent multiple days sanding it down in order to spray the entire cabinet white.  The same color was used as all of our kitchen cabinets, Behr Marquee Polar Bear.  The buffet itself was already a big gorgeous piece, it just needed a little TLC.  I couldn’t be happier with how well it turned out with just a few modern updates here and there.

All in all, it seems like a quick fix, but the amount of work sanding, priming & spraying ends up taking about a week if you do a little bit each day.  The worst part about these projects is waiting for the primer/paint to dry to do the next coat!

Below are some pictures of the cabinet before and after.


Coffee mug holder: World Market 

Record player: Crosley…Old version, but found lots of great ones here.

White vases:  Old but similar ones found here.

Reclaimed wood wine rack: Etsy…best purchase ever for under $100!


IMG_1373IMG_0895DSC01684              DSC01648    DSC01682

Thanks for checking in!  Hope to chat with you soon 🙂



A Weekend Retreat to Key West




Well, this past weekend I decided to finally do it.  I left Auggie with grandparents for the first time and I flew all the way to Key West to spend a weekend with my hubs (and all of his friends)!  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Immediately upon landing, there is a bar in baggage claim where you can get an ice cold beer.. and the best part?  You can walk around town with it!  This was the first time I have ever made an impulse decision to travel and I am pretty stoked about it.  I think I will be doing more of this in the future 😉

We stayed about a mile outside of town and rented beach cruisers to get around everywhere.  There’s something super exhilarating about cruising around on bikes!  But I think my absolute favorite thing about Key West is all of the live music.  Almost every bar or restaurant you go to has someone playing catchy music whether it be acoustic covers or originals.

On this blog post, besides sharing some pictures, I thought I would do a little breakdown of some of my favorite places to see & eat.

Here’s a little list of places that are worth checking out if you venture to Key West 🙂

Bike Rental: Eaton Bikes

Best Evening Attraction: Fury– Commotion on the Ocean.  This was a sunset booze cruise from 630-830 with unlimited drinks and apps and we had an absolute blast.  I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.  How could you not want to cruise off into the sunset with a beer in hand and a live band playing your favorite old timey covers?

Best Fancy Dinner: Blue Heaven, I had the yellowtail snapper which was insanely tasty.  I was creeping on the table next to me that ordered Key Lime pie and if I wasn’t so full I would have been all aboard the dessert train!

Best Happy Hour: The Commodore, located right on the marina with a beautiful view of boats and even better people watching along the boardwalk.  All small plates and drinks are 50% from 430-630…can’t beat that!

Best Coffee: Cuban Coffee Queen, order the iced cafe con it!

Best Cuban Food: El Siboney…it’s a little cruise to get there but oh so worth it!  Let me tell you, this sh** is authentic! We even got to witness a live rooster fight right outside.

Best Fish Tacos: Hogfish Bar & Grill.  It’s a trek depending on where you’re staying, it was about a 10 minute drive for us, but a great change of pace.  I ordered the blackened hogfish tacos which were loaded with homemade salsa and jalapeños with a side of cuban rice and beans. If you’re looking for something with a little extra flare, this is your spot!

Best Beach: Higgs Beach.  It’s a few minutes cruise in the opposite direction of town but there’s a lot less people than the main beaches and you can rent a couple chairs and an umbrella for $20.  This is a great spot if you’re looking to lay out for the day.

Best Spot to Dance: Sloppy Joes…need I say more?

Below are some pictures from my trip.  I guess it’s time for me to get back to “adulting.”  Key West, here’s to hoping we meet again.

Cheers all & enjoy the rest of your week!



IMG_0419 IMG_2560 IMG_0442 IMG_0464 IMG_0461 DSC01609 DSC01611IMG_1061DSC01632  DSC01624 DSC01627IMG_0411 DSC01629 DSC01631 DSC01635 DSC01637


Tiptoe Through the Tulips




Happy weekend all!  I am sitting here going over all the stinkin’ precious pictures from our adventure to Tulip Town yesterday!  My friend Jackie and I took Auggie on a day date to frolic in the flowers, and he LOVED it!  He even tried eating them…I was pretty sure the security guards were going to kick us out for disturbing the beautiful fields, but when you see a face like Auggie’s, who would ever dare?!  😉

I don’t have too much to say today (I know I normally don’t ever shut up!), but I just fell in love with all the photos Jackie took of my mini man and I and figured instead of blowing up Instagram, I would share them all with you here.

If you haven’t been to the Tulip Festival, I recommend going, even just for a photo shoot.  Kiddies love it!  We continued on to one of my favorite restaurants in La Conner, Seeds, for  some coffee and snacks (and milk for Auggie).  Springtime in the northwest is amazing and I am so excited to be able to share it with the little dude this year.  Here’s some pictures for you to enjoy, and yes, the red tulips were actually that bright!!!

Coming soon– a post on Reid refinishing our buffet.  It looks awesome!

I am off to have a little girls day brunch…#sundayfunday (I’m pretty sure that’s what the cool kids do these days).

Lots of love,


DSC01554 DSC01555 DSC01561 DSC01607DSC01574DSC01556 DSC01578 IMG_0268DSC01591 DSC01596 DSC01603DSC01589 IMG_0246 IMG_0287 IMG_0260 IMG_0273


Farmhouse X Coffee Table





Good morning my lovely blog followers!  Can I just say that I looked at my site stats and had 23 views yesterday alone…SAY WHAT!  I was laughing when I told Reid because I was convinced it was just my family that had any interest in my babbling 😉  That may seem like a very small number of views to some of the well-establish bloggers but I was quite surprised and grateful for all of you that take the time to read my posts!  Since I am new to the blogging game, I would love all of your feedback and input!

Alright, time to get this coffee table post started!  As you know, we recently completed a remodel of the main area of our house, light grey walls, white backsplash, white cabinets and updated or refurbished furniture!  It’s all coming together perfectly.  The one thing that was driving me crazy (okay let’s be real there’s always more than one thing) was our old brown couches in the living area.  They have served us well but it was time to step our lounge game up!  After years of begging, my lovely husband agreed to look at leather couches.  Leather is a big step up in price but for our hot mess of a family, totally worth the extra splurge.  Our puppy Willie lives in a mud puddle, our older lab Daisy sheds more than Chewbacca and Auggie is a baby and get the gist.  So far, I am VERY pleased with how little maintenance leather requires!  Now if only I can keep the dogs from creeping on our neighbors from the ledge of the leather couch…Am I asking too much?  The point is, with the new leather couches came the need for a coffee table to match the theme of the main hang area.  As usual, I stalked Pinterest and came across this design from the one and only Ana White.  That lady is a furniture building goddess!  The plans to the X-coffee table are found here.

What you need to know for our specific version:   

Reid made 45 degree miter cuts on the top to frame it in for a more finished look.  You can see in the Ana White plans that she went for a more rustic unfinished look which is gorgeous as well, it just depends what you’re looking for.  The lumber used for the top of the table were 2×6 stud wood from Home Depot.  1/8 of an inch was taken off each side of those pieces in order for the wood to have nice square corners.   

The bottom part of X-coffee table is two 1×12 common boards and the supported sides are 2×2 while the ends are 2×4.

Metal L brackets were used on the corners of the table and sprayed with Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze paint.  Make sure to sand the metal well with 220 grit paper before spraying so that the paint will adhere.

Stain: One coat of Minwax oil based Special Walnut was painted on with a soft bristle brush and wiped off almost immediately, this particular stain is very dark.  The next layer was Minwax oil based weathered oak; let this sit for 5 minutes then wipe off.  The stain will look pretty dark at this stage, if you prefer this go ahead and leave it as is.  We were looking for some slight grey undertones so Reid slowly blended in white paint with a clean painters rag.  It was then sanded down with 220 grit sandpaper with an orbital sander.  Let sit for 24 hours for the stain to fully dry.  Finally it was finished with 3 coats of Minwax polycrylic clear satin sheen and hand sanded with 220 grit paper in between coats.

And voila!  You get a gorgeous looking coffee table for under $100!

Here’s where I come into play…Decor!  Auggie and I had a lot of fun cruising up and down the home aisle’s yesterday!  I am always on the lookout for a good deal.  I found these baskets at Target, just really simple grey plastic baskets for $12.99 a pop.  I was looking for something to blend well but mainly hide all of Auggie’s books and toys.  Quite sneaky I am 😉   I love the look of hardback books stacked on a coffee table.  (Magazines are superb as well!)  Since we love all things about music and have an array of instruments around our house, I thought what better books to display than musical ones.  Next up, flowers!  I don’t know what it is about fresh flowers but they have a way of making your day a little bit brighter!  The white vase holding the daffodils is from West Elm.  The mini blue vases I got as a gift a while ago and was excited to be able to put them to use with some faux flowers from Hobby Lobby.  One of my favorite spots for vases is West Elm.  If you are looking for some fun vases to add some zest to your room this would lead you in the right direction.

Moving on to the left side of the table we have the canisters.  The white canisters are actually for coffee but I really dug the look of the white with the wood to tie in the table.  The white bird with a wooden rocker to match the theme is the dream!  Also found at West Elm.  I found the succulent in the bronze holder for under $5 at Target, they had tons of great options for plant terrariums.  I think greenery always adds some warmth.  The tiny hedgehog may be my favorite touch..he’s actually a pepper shaker found at Target.  Oh yes…and I’m sure you are wondering where are Good Morning mugs are from (I am obsessed!)  I found them at World Market a few years back and I was still able to find them here.

Grey leather couches are made by Ashley Furniture but I found them on Wayfair for waaay cheaper!  Throw pillows are all from Target (all on sale right now), and 5×7 accent rug is Threshold brand from Target.




I hope you enjoyed this post….I am happy to answer any further questions.  I’m really trying to work my magic on Reid building me my dream farmhouse dining room table but batting my eyelashes and using our stinkin’ adorable baby as bait only gets me so far.  He told me he would consider it if he could buy his mega-expensive Fender electric guitar.  Now talk about compromise!

If we’re lucky…you’ll be getting a dining table post sometime in the near future.

I have posted more thumbnail photos of the building process as well as some family updates down below.  As for now, I am going to go enjoy this beautiful sunny weather!  Us Washingtonians have to take advantage of any Vitamin D we can 🙂  Thanks for checking in, looking forward to sharing more with you soon!


The Smith’s

IMG_9744DSC01483 IMG_9700IMG_9703IMG_9704 IMG_9634 IMG_9582IMG_9665 IMG_9488 IMG_9436 IMG_9627 DSC01470

Barn Door Media Console




Surprise…I’m back! Happy weekend everyone!  I know it’s felt like 100 years since I’ve posted anything but I have been soaking up every second possible with my little dude!  He’s almost in 6 month clothes, ahhhh.  But it’s time I get back on the blog train…I miss it!  Okay…maybe I missed my lovely husband building awesome things for me to post about 😛

Today I am posting pictures of our most recent project…plans by Ana-White.  (Similar plans found here)  Prior to me moving in, Reid liked to call the downstairs hang area his “man cave.”  Sadly for him, I have pretty much taken over!  We needed a little spruce up downstairs in order to add some life which is where this media console came into play.  Warning: You do need a lot of power tools in order to build this piece but once you own them all, you pretty much can build any type of furniture!

We decided we liked the look of the “rustic” wood versus just spraying it white or grey.  Most of the furniture in our house is that color scheme so we thought we would branch out a bit.  In order to stain the plain pine wood, Reid made up a concoction of steel wool and apple cider vinegar as well as steel wool with white vinegar and let them sit in separate mason jars overnight.  The two vinegars make different colored stains.  Instructions for this found here.  Before the vinegar stain is applied it is important that you essentially “beat up” your wood.  Reid used tools such as hammers and socks stuffed with screws in order to imperfect the wood.

Once the stains have sat for 24-48 hours you are able to brush on the stain and let’ll continue to get darker so don’t fret when you brush it on.  He ended up doing 2 coats on all of the wood to achieve the color we were looking for.  You can do more if you prefer it darker, or less if you are looking for a lighter more natural wood finish.  After the stain had fully dried I picked out an ivory spray paint in order to achieve that “unfinished look.”  Vaseline was applied in random splotches (paint won’t stick to vaseline) which helped that rustic look.

Reid made the barn door hardware in order to save money and painted the metal with Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  The hardware plans are found here.

Now for the fun part…decorating!  I was able to go to Tj Maxx & Hobby Lobby and get all of the decorating items for $50!  Navy blue & white patterned baskets, wooden pig, metal water tin with faux leaves, candles and white lantern are all courtesy of Hobby Lobby and their awesome 50% sales!  That place is a dream come true.  I found the white S at Tj Maxx and the metal basket was a gift from a friend but I have seen them many places!  My  next step to finishing our cave is refinishing the table, adding a colorful area rug, and built in cubbies along the wall where we can set up a kiddie play area.  So much to look forward to!

I hope you enjoyed this project!  Full step by step instructions located at  It’s really cool to see the different variations all of her followers have done!  If you have any further questions on the media console we are happy to help!

For our next project…Coffee table!!!  We just ordered these amazing grey leather couches for our main living room and are looking for a nice wood coffee table to add a little pizzaz 😉  I think I found the perfect one for Reid to do…it’s a good thing he likes me!

More posts to come soon.

PS-How is Auggie going to be 4 months next week?!  Someone make it stop!  Recent pictures of our lil’ family posted below.


The Smith’s


DSC01362 DSC01439 DSC01424 DSC01444

Augustus Graham Smith

“No one will ever know the strength of my love for you, after all, you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.”


Hello friends & family!

I have been MIA for quite some time now but I have decided to make a comeback!  As many of you know…being a new mom is very time-consuming but worth every second.  I thought today I would share the birth story of our son, Augustus Graham.

Auggie was born at 6:45 PM after 18 long hours of labor!  He had an amazing team of nurses and a fabulous doctor.  This is how it started…

12:30 Am – My water broke!!! And let me tell you I felt like it was straight out of a movie scene!  I woke up my lovely husband (who HATES being woken up during his slumber) and we cruised down to the Island Hospital.  From there, we were admitted and spent all the early morning hours wondering the hospital trying to get everything kick started for the labor.  For the record, “exercising” pre-labor is the opposite of fun.  I was then put on pitosin mid-morning which helped speed up the delivery process.   Around noon I was on the verge of breaking all the bones in Reid’s hand and made the decision to get an epidural.  Best decision I ever made!  After I was drugged up I was just living the dream waiting for our son to make his appearance.  We spent the rest of the afternoon watching Animal Planet, I learned far too much about elephants 😛  Around 4 pm I was fully dilated and ready to start pushing…it was a surreal experience.  My nurse and Reid were amazing labor coaches!  I didn’t take any birthing classes and they made it seem like a piece of cake.  I couldn’t be more thankful to have them both there with me!  My doctor was called in at the very end of the labor process and made the decision to use forceps to get him out.  Let’s just say he’s got a big head like his mom and dad (yowza!)  Auggie was out within minutes of the forceps being used.  I can remember the exact second I got to see him and hold him and I will forever cherish that memory.  It’s unlike anything you could ever expect.  But what I loved the most was seeing Reid meet him for the first time.  You could tell that the second he saw him he had never loved anything more in his life.

We spent the next two days in the hospital making sure everything was running smoothly.  Our team of nurses were incredible!  They really made me feel at ease when I didn’t have the slightest clue what I was doing.  By the third morning we were discharged and so excited to just get home and start our life with this sweet boy.  No one can possibly warn you how hard the first few weeks are with a newborn…it’s an entirely new experience. A baby is born with the need to be loved and that is what keeps you going!

Would I do the process all over again? You betcha!!!  Even though it felt like I was pregnant for an eternity, getting to meet that sweet baby that you and your husband created is more than worth it.  It truly is the miracle of life!!!

Auggie is now 11 weeks old!!! Where did the time go?  I understand why people always said they’re off to college in the blink of an eye.  My goal is to love and adore every second I get to spend with him, although that’s not very hard to do 🙂

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the delivery and shortly after.  Thanks for reading all, I look forward to sharing more with you soon!



IMG_8239 IMG_8001 IMG_7825 IMG_7084 IMG_7039 IMG_1466 IMG_1446 DSC01193



Confessions of a Sassy Pregosorous

Happy Monday all!!!  I find it odd that the days I am most inspired to do blog posts are on Mondays… aren’t Mondays supposed to be the most dreaded day of the week?  As Reid and I were sitting and eating our usual breakfast together (fried eggs, avocado, Aidell’s sausages, and toast) we were talking about how at any point now this is all going to become REAL.  I am now a week and a half from my due date and this little man could make his appearance to the world at any moment.  I truly could not be more excited!  I started looking back through pictures from the past 10 months and thinking about what an incredible journey it has been.  Of course there’s been rough days, (if you don’t have rough days, you’re not human) but for the most part I have really had a kick-ass pregnancy.

I was thinking it would be fun to hit the rewind button and take you back on my pregnancy journey from Day 1!  This could be the last blog post you get for a little while if he chooses to arrive soon (HE BETTER!) so deal with it 😉

Where it all started…     

Reid and I were at our friend’s wedding in Annapolis getting “hyphee” (I’m too old now to know the slang the young kids use) on the dance floor the weekend we found out I was expecting! And yes, if you know me you know I was 100% sober here, I just love myself some gangsta rap!  


Reid snapped this photo of me at about 8 weeks pregnant because he wanted to capture my “glow” although I’m pretty sure it was just sweat 😉 


Easter weekend when we got to tell our families they were going to be GRANDPARENTS!  This was such a cool moment that I will remember forever.  Who doesn’t love tiny  baby shoes?  Especially Chuck T’s!   



This photo was taken about 16 weeks pregnant when we announced to the world, and by world I mean 200 Instagram followers, that the Smith clan was growing by one!!!  


Oh yeah, here’s a fun story about being pregnant.  I had to start making myself enjoy DECAF COFFEE!!!  I was convinced the world was ending, but it turns out I survived just fine.  #pregoproblems


“The force is strong with this one.”  I think Reid has made me watch too much Star Wars lately because that was the only caption I could come up with for this lovely photo…


 The best day ever…GENDER REVEAL!!!  Reid thought I was a total cheese ball for wanting to get either blue or pink ice cream to celebrate after but he was probably just jealous how awesome blue bubblegum ice cream was (that’s a lie, I ended up throwing it away immediately after the picture!)  Could they not have made blue raspberry or blueberry?  Okay, I need to stop talking about ice cream now before I start eating it at 9 am.  #pregoproblems  


Okay so are you ready for the best part… HONEY/BABY MOON!  Reid and I never got to take a proper honeymoon after our wedding (although he tries to tell me our trip to stay with his brother for 2 weeks in Jacksonville was our honeymoon…men, am I right?) We decided to take a spontaneous trip to Maui, and it really was the best thing ever.  Warm sandy beaches, pools, authentic Hawaiian food, watching my super studly husband surf, mountains of shaved ice & BIRDS …ahhhh take me back right now! 


I don’t know what I did from weeks 20-30…clearly nothing!!!  The only picture I have is one my best friend forced me to take in her work parking lot, although I am digging the “impromptu-ness” in this photo!  #denimbabybump (PS- this was my favorite maternity dress!) 


The end of the white pants era… There hits a certain point where white pants just don’t work anymore (Know what I’m sayin’?)  I had to capture the end of this era for me at about 36 weeks!!!  Although, they were a hell of a maternity pant!  I think I may actually miss elastic waistbands.  Is it weird that I have a fear I’m just totally going to forget to zip and button my regular jeans again post-pregnancy? #pregoproblems


Week 37: This was my “I need one more outfit to get me through the last few weeks so I don’t entirely feel like a beached whale” shopping moment.  As you can see I was beyond ecstatic that I got this shirt to button!!!  #pregoproblems 


Drumroll please… Our final date night!!!  I have to admit I have never felt more pregnant than when I saw fried Cornish game hen and maple bourbon waffles on the menu at our favorite restaurant, I just about peed my pants with excitement (and because I have zero bladder control these days).  The waitress literally gave me a high 5 when she saw that Reid was the one who ordered the salad and I got the juicy fat packed meal…or maybe it was because I basically licked the plate dry.  Hey, I was just saving them some dishwashing time! 😉  Once again… #pregoproblems 


If you can’t tell from my writing, I am feeling quite SASSY today!!!  I hope this made your monday a little bit more cheerful, and if it doesn’t, look down at your feet and feel lucky they aren’t the size/shape of elephant feet.  And if that doesn’t help then here are my favorite puppy pictures of the week!

IMG_6573 IMG_6812 IMG_6836IMG_6833

Oh yeah, and here’s a little quote to live your week by.  Wait no, live your LIFE by!  I am pretty sure they made this for me.  YOLO! (Is that still the cool thing to say these days?)

handle it quote

Have a fabulous day!!! If you don’t hear from me for a while, our lil’ man made his big debut and I promise to do a blog post on his birth ASAP!