August 2015

Weathered Grey Nursery Bookshelves


This is our most recent DIY project for the lil man cave!  I was looking for a rustic but chic feel and these bookshelves fit all of my expectations.  I followed this link for a basic tutorial, but we ended up critiquing things a tad to fit exactly what we wanted.  To make these shelves we purchased pine common wood boards and this weathered grey stain from Home Depot, can’t get enough of that place recently!  We made each of the shelves 3 1/2 feet long to fit the space beneath the window, but you can get your boards in whatever size depending on the look/space you are fitting them to.  After using the circular saw to make the precise cuts, we used painters rags to stain the wood.  It has lots of fumes so I recommend wearing a good mask!  My lovely husband took one for the team and had me sit outside the garage and watch so I didn’t have to inhale all those harsh fumes.  We let the stain dry overnight to be safe, did a little bit of sanding with just a sheet of 220 grit sand paper for the “rustic” look (no orbital sander for this part) and anchored them to the wall beneath the window first thing in the AM!  Once again, we used more anchors than normal on this project just for the child safety.  All in all we probably spent about $25 dollars on pine boards, screws, and stain and about an hour of time overall on this project.  Well worth it if you ask me!!!  I have posted a few pictures above and below for your viewing.

I also love this pallet board bookshelf idea if that interests you more.  Based on materials and the tools needed we chose to create our own “pallet looking bookshelves” but if you have the materials these are fabulous.  If you’re looking to purchase bookshelves already made for you, I found these at Restoration Hardware which I also really love!  They also have gorgeous vintage hand-carved display shelves if you’re looking for a more romantic chic look…If we were having a girl I would be super into these!!!

It is super windy and gloomy up here today and I am LOVING it!  We have been blessed with some amazing sunny weather this summer but sometimes you just want to sit in your new wingback rocker in the nursery, have a hot cup of coffee with some homemade chocolate cupcakes, snuggle your puppies and dream of that sweet face that’s going to be in the crib next to you in TEN WEEKS!  Eeeek 🙂  I hope you all are enjoying this relaxing Saturday as much as me!

Until next time,


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Giraffe’s for a Gentleman (DIY!!!)

DSC00680 DSC00681

My husband and I had way too much fun designing our little bear’s nursery!  Essentially, I found lots of ideas on Pinterest and he executed them all!  I say we made quite the dream team 😉  My first piece of work I wanted to do was this amazing giraffe piece to hang directly above the crib.  When I saw it I fell in love. It’s so unique and really brings a lot of playfulness to the room!  I am obsessed with grey’s and white’s right now so I thought this would help bring out a little more cheer for a lil man’s nursery.  I followed this link on Pinterest and made our run to Home Depot where we got all the wood needed.  We had someone at the Depot do a few cuts for us, and we also finished up some cuts at home (All you need is a basic circular saw to get the job done).  At this time, we had also been painting cabinets so we used the same Behr “Polar Bear White” to paint the wood after cutting.  (It totally does not matter what white you decide to use)  From here you can choose to screw all the board pieces together after the white base is dry or you can paint each board individually.  I chose to paint them before screwing them together because it made it a little easier to maneuver while painting.  I free-handed the giraffes with pencil then painted over my lines with the acrylic paint.  You can choose whatever colors/fill in designs you please for this!  Amazon has amazing deals for value packs of acrylic paint!  I purchased this one along with these brushes because I knew I would have many more art projects in my future.  After letting the giraffes dry we took them to the garage to be screwed together.  When it came to the safety of this piece I let Reid handle the anchoring system…we wanted to be extra cautious since this is hanging directly above his crib!  This project did take a bit of time, but we had such a fun time doing it and the results are amazing!  I’ve posted a few pictures above and below of it hanging in the nursery.  I will post a full nursery tour soon!  Just waiting on a few more trinkets to arrive before the final reveal 😛  Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoy!


A Shower Even Pinterest Would Be Jealous Of…

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Let me start this post off by saying I have a slight Pinterest obsession…is anyone else with me on that?  When talk of this beautiful shower arose, I gave my lovely hosts my “Dream Baby Shower” Pinterest page and let them roll with it.  I wasn’t expecting half of it to happen since I am a total diva and pinned things such as Biscuit Bars, vintage milk bottles, and mini pies. Oh my was I wrong!  These girls literally made Pinterest explode all over my house!  It was the sweetest little shower I ever could have hoped for and I loved every second of it.  As you can see photographed above there were mini pies (I think I ate half of them), blue velvet cupcakes, a bubbly bar for the guests, a giraffe diaper cake, mini champagne bottle gift favors, my very own biscuit bar with biscuits from the local farmers market, mustache shaped ice cubes, vintage milk bottles with adorable grey, yellow and mint striped straws and a sparkling soda bar for the oh so sober guest of honor!  The theme was “giraffes” and my color scheme was grey, light yellow and mint.  If you want more stunning baby shower ideas, you can follow my Pinterest page!  There are some crazy creative folks out there and I am so inspired by them.  Thanks for reading friends!

PS – Does anyone else want mini pies and cupcakes after reading this? YUM!

Xoxo 😉

Keeping up with Kristin


Hello world!  I could not be more excited to get back into the blogging world.  When I found out I was pregnant several months ago I decided it would be my last year of teaching at the most wonderful preschool.  I wanted to stay at home and be with my new little peanut and watch him grow because I know it happens FAST.  This was a hard decision for me because I absolutely adored what I got to do and made so many great relationships, but I think it is so special to be apart of the journey of raising your child!  I wanted to find a way to share this special time in our lives with everyone we love!  I think blogging is an amazing way to share this journey.  Being pregnant has done so many wonderful things for our growing family.  It has made me feel beautiful on the inside and out! I have discovered so many things about myself in this adventure thus far which I can’t wait to share.

The news of my pregnancy came in March on our way to Annapolis for a friend’s wedding.  I had a rush of emotions and could not wait to share the news with our family and friends.  Right along the 8 week mark at Easter dinner we surprised our family with the news!  (I know they say wait until 12 weeks but if you know me you would know that I’m not very good at keeping secrets!) What better way to tell your family than with TINY baby converse!  By the way if you’re wondering who Kreid is, it’s Reid and my “combo name.”  I mean it’s no Bragelina, but it’ll do 😉  The cheesy couple name came from our wedding festivities a couple of years back!  Plus if you know Reid, you know he’s all about jamming out to some Creed at karaoke bars (Yes, it happens quite frequently).  So all in all, quite fitting for us!  I am now coming up on 29 weeks this friday and can’t believe how fast the time has flown!  I cannot wait to meet this little guy!  With this pregnancy has come LOTS of nesting.  I mean…lots.  In the past couple months we have remodeled our entire kitchen and main living area, setup a nursery which included lots of fun DIY projects, and are now tackling a laundry room and guest bathroom update.  I also am pretty sure I am getting a minor form of OCD when it comes to cleaning these days!  Please tell me this is all part of nesting?  I will share with you our house updates and do a full nursery tour as soon as possible.  For now, thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoy my crazy baby brain ramble 🙂