Simple Canvas Accents


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Good morning love birds!  Are you sick of my nursery DIY posts yet?  My crazy nesting mode has me super excited to share all these fun projects with you so hold tight!  I wanted to share with you my black and white animal canvases I painted for the nursery.  While building our weathered grey bookshelves, I had Reid use all the same wood and stain to build a copycat version of Pottery Barn ledges to put above his changing table.  This project was also super easy and found on this Pinterest page.  Keep in mind, we did do things slightly different, we used lots of screw and anchors to hold it all together.  She just used wood glue, but I didn’t trust this set up to be right over where the baby lays.  I also used the same weathered grey stain for these shelves.  After we got these shelves built, stained, sanded down and anchored onto the wall I knew I wanted to do some fun simple but sweet canvases to add a little bit more character.  I got a few ideas while browsing around online.  I decided to freehand the lion, penguin, and polar bear because I thought they all would fit together perfectly and each add some silly charm!  I decided on just black and white to keep it simple and go with the neutral theme of the room.  Once again, I was able to use my acrylic paint and brushes from Amazon as shown in my previous post.  The 12×12 canvases I got for a steal here.  Amazon had all different sizes of canvases but I was going for the simplistic boxy look!

In other news…I am 30 weeks TODAY! We went in for my 3D Ultrasound last week and it was so cool to see him cruising around in there.  Our doctor said he already has incredibly chubby cheeks…best news ever!  Who doesn’t love a baby with lots of extra chunk to squeeze?  I have posted a few pictures below of lil man and I dancing around in the rain along with some other fun moments this week!  We cannot wait to meet him, only 10 more weeks! (PS-You know I can’t NOT put my adorable pups in every post I do, come on!)

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!




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