Cold Weather Calls for Warm Meals

Happy monday friends!  The recent cold & gloomy weather has been inspiring me to make WARM meals!  There is nothing better than a delicious crock pot or oven meal once fall & winter roll around (not to mention I am trying to do everything I can to occupy myself waiting for this baby to come!)  Here’s a little look into some of the meals I’ve tried recently.  Some of these recipes were found online but others we created ourselves, if you would like more info on the recipes feel free to message me!  PS – Is it lunch time yet? 😛

Beer battered biscuits & gravy (HEAVEN ON EARTH!)

Beer battered biscuits & gravy topped with fried egg & cheese (HEAVEN ON EARTH!) Beer battered bread recipe found here.

Carolina Tacos

Carolina Tacos: Smoked pork shoulder (courtesy of the lovely Reid Smith) with kale or regular coleslaw and horseradish mayo. We had a similar version to these at Dad’s Diner and Reid recreated it to be even more delicious if that was even possible!


Shepard’s pie filling, Alton Brown’s recipe, he recommends lamb but based on what we had in the freezer I went with ground beef…either is delicious!


A finished product: Shepard’s pie, smothered in delicious mashed potatoes. Yes please!

Stuffed mushrooms with beer battered bread crumbs and gruyere cheese

Stuffed baby Portobello mushrooms with beer battered bread crumbs and Gruyère cheese. Stuffing: Chopped up stems of mushrooms, sautéed sweet onion, flour, heavy cream, parmesan cheese & Gruyère cheese. Once stuffed, top with shredded Gruyère cheese and bread crumbs (I used our leftover homemade beer battered bread for our crumbs but any kind would do!)

Teriyaki burgers with traditional Hawaiian mac salad. Mac salad: Elbow noodles, mayo, diced carrots & onion, salt & pepper, paprika and a dash of white vinegar. (Don’t judge my mayo intake)

Jalapeno poppers with strawberry jam dipping sauce...awesome combo of sweet & spicy

Breaded jalapeno poppers with strawberry jam dipping sauce…awesome combo of sweet & spicy. Recipe found here.

Jalapeno poppers wrapped in Reid's homemade smoked maple bacon

Jalapeno poppers wrapped in Reid’s homemade smoked maple bacon. Jalapenos de-seeded, stuffed w/ cream cheese and wrapped in bacon.

Slow cooke loaded baked potato soup topped with Reid's smoked bacon, green onions, & cheese

Slow cooker loaded baked potato soup topped with Reid’s smoked bacon, green onions, & cheese. Recipe found via pinterest.

Since football season started one of our favorite days has become Sunday; we make it our “judge free eat and lounge day.”  Reid got a kick ass meat smoker for his birthday so he will normally smoke some type of meat and we will create fun recipes out of it and eat our little hearts out!  (The baby loves it!!!)  The second best part of this day is pants are optional, like I said, it’s a judge free zone 😉

We have a few more DIY projects were looking to start here soon so I am excited to share them with you all soon!  Thanks for reading cuties.



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