Confessions of a Sassy Pregosorous

Happy Monday all!!!  I find it odd that the days I am most inspired to do blog posts are on Mondays… aren’t Mondays supposed to be the most dreaded day of the week?  As Reid and I were sitting and eating our usual breakfast together (fried eggs, avocado, Aidell’s sausages, and toast) we were talking about how at any point now this is all going to become REAL.  I am now a week and a half from my due date and this little man could make his appearance to the world at any moment.  I truly could not be more excited!  I started looking back through pictures from the past 10 months and thinking about what an incredible journey it has been.  Of course there’s been rough days, (if you don’t have rough days, you’re not human) but for the most part I have really had a kick-ass pregnancy.

I was thinking it would be fun to hit the rewind button and take you back on my pregnancy journey from Day 1!  This could be the last blog post you get for a little while if he chooses to arrive soon (HE BETTER!) so deal with it 😉

Where it all started…     

Reid and I were at our friend’s wedding in Annapolis getting “hyphee” (I’m too old now to know the slang the young kids use) on the dance floor the weekend we found out I was expecting! And yes, if you know me you know I was 100% sober here, I just love myself some gangsta rap!  


Reid snapped this photo of me at about 8 weeks pregnant because he wanted to capture my “glow” although I’m pretty sure it was just sweat 😉 


Easter weekend when we got to tell our families they were going to be GRANDPARENTS!  This was such a cool moment that I will remember forever.  Who doesn’t love tiny  baby shoes?  Especially Chuck T’s!   



This photo was taken about 16 weeks pregnant when we announced to the world, and by world I mean 200 Instagram followers, that the Smith clan was growing by one!!!  


Oh yeah, here’s a fun story about being pregnant.  I had to start making myself enjoy DECAF COFFEE!!!  I was convinced the world was ending, but it turns out I survived just fine.  #pregoproblems


“The force is strong with this one.”  I think Reid has made me watch too much Star Wars lately because that was the only caption I could come up with for this lovely photo…


 The best day ever…GENDER REVEAL!!!  Reid thought I was a total cheese ball for wanting to get either blue or pink ice cream to celebrate after but he was probably just jealous how awesome blue bubblegum ice cream was (that’s a lie, I ended up throwing it away immediately after the picture!)  Could they not have made blue raspberry or blueberry?  Okay, I need to stop talking about ice cream now before I start eating it at 9 am.  #pregoproblems  


Okay so are you ready for the best part… HONEY/BABY MOON!  Reid and I never got to take a proper honeymoon after our wedding (although he tries to tell me our trip to stay with his brother for 2 weeks in Jacksonville was our honeymoon…men, am I right?) We decided to take a spontaneous trip to Maui, and it really was the best thing ever.  Warm sandy beaches, pools, authentic Hawaiian food, watching my super studly husband surf, mountains of shaved ice & BIRDS …ahhhh take me back right now! 


I don’t know what I did from weeks 20-30…clearly nothing!!!  The only picture I have is one my best friend forced me to take in her work parking lot, although I am digging the “impromptu-ness” in this photo!  #denimbabybump (PS- this was my favorite maternity dress!) 


The end of the white pants era… There hits a certain point where white pants just don’t work anymore (Know what I’m sayin’?)  I had to capture the end of this era for me at about 36 weeks!!!  Although, they were a hell of a maternity pant!  I think I may actually miss elastic waistbands.  Is it weird that I have a fear I’m just totally going to forget to zip and button my regular jeans again post-pregnancy? #pregoproblems


Week 37: This was my “I need one more outfit to get me through the last few weeks so I don’t entirely feel like a beached whale” shopping moment.  As you can see I was beyond ecstatic that I got this shirt to button!!!  #pregoproblems 


Drumroll please… Our final date night!!!  I have to admit I have never felt more pregnant than when I saw fried Cornish game hen and maple bourbon waffles on the menu at our favorite restaurant, I just about peed my pants with excitement (and because I have zero bladder control these days).  The waitress literally gave me a high 5 when she saw that Reid was the one who ordered the salad and I got the juicy fat packed meal…or maybe it was because I basically licked the plate dry.  Hey, I was just saving them some dishwashing time! 😉  Once again… #pregoproblems 


If you can’t tell from my writing, I am feeling quite SASSY today!!!  I hope this made your monday a little bit more cheerful, and if it doesn’t, look down at your feet and feel lucky they aren’t the size/shape of elephant feet.  And if that doesn’t help then here are my favorite puppy pictures of the week!

IMG_6573 IMG_6812 IMG_6836IMG_6833

Oh yeah, and here’s a little quote to live your week by.  Wait no, live your LIFE by!  I am pretty sure they made this for me.  YOLO! (Is that still the cool thing to say these days?)

handle it quote

Have a fabulous day!!! If you don’t hear from me for a while, our lil’ man made his big debut and I promise to do a blog post on his birth ASAP!



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  1. Desirae
    November 2, 2015 / 5:37 PM

    You’re going to be the CUTEST mom. I love watching your journey, and I am so excited to see this new chapter unfold 🙂 xoxo

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