All the Feels for Tula

TULA is giving me all those good feelings!!!  A little secret of mine is that I am OBSESSED with skin care and beauty products.  A few years ago I started to notice mild rosacea and also just breaking out sporadically from dryness…it doesn’t help that your hormones go totally wacky during/after pregnancies.  I cannot tell you how much freaking money I have thrown down the drain trying new products that I was convinced would work.  I used some pretty expensive lines, and while they may work for other people, I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted but I refused to give up!

I came across Tula actually through several of the big headline bloggers I follow on Instagram, like Little Blonde Book, Paleomg, Lauren Kay, etc.  They had done some talks on why they loved it, shared before and after photos and sent out a promo code.  After reading literally every piece of information I could on Tula’s website I decided, what the hell, let’s drop some more money and just see!  Although, this time I actually had a really good feeling about it.  So I started with the Purifying Facial Cleanser, Illuminating Serum, & Hydrating Day and Night Cream.  The items arrived super fast and I was pumped to start using them.  I’m sure people say this all the time, but I swear after one day of use I could tell a serious difference.  My skin wasn’t irritated at all, for the first time it was actually kind of radiating.  HELL YES!  I continued to use these products all week, still being amazed every time I woke up in the morning.  Side note- I had been struggling with a bit of postpartum acne, redness, and little bumps all over my forehead, total throwback to highschool and ain’t nobody got time for that!  Am I right?

Anyways, I was so amazed by the results I was finally seeing that I went on their website to order MORE!  They also have super good deals every now and then, if you ordered one product, they sent you a full size cleanser FO FREE.  I had seen lots of gals talk about the Exfoliating treatment mask and the Overnight Skin Rescue Treatment so I figured, add it to my bill!  Once again, I am obsessed with these products.  The Exfoliating Treatment Mask you can use 2-3 times a week, I like to use it when I’ve had a busy day, sweat a lot from a workout, or am noticing a breakout coming on, you can go to bed with your skin being sad and wake up to all the skin happiness in the world!

As if they couldn’t get any better, they recently came out with dual phase reviving treatment pads, which in my mind is essentially like an at home chemical peel, but insanely cheaper!!!  I do them about once a week, twice if I am having a rough few days, and your skin literally feels like glass when you are done.  On top of that it’s so quick.  You rub the white serum side all over your face and then flip it over and exfoliate in gentle circles for 1-2 minutes.  Rinse with warm water and you have skin as smooth as my lil’ baby’s bottom!  (Which is soft as hell).

OK, last product I want to blab on about is the Overnight Skin Rescue.  This is their heavy duty moisturizer, some people use it 2-3 times a week but I actually started using it every night since I do have skin on the drier side.  It does not make me break out at all and really makes me feel hydrated.  It’s a little bit on the pricier side, but you get a pretty generous sized tub of it and can use it sparingly.

All this being said, I was so pumped about one skin care line working for me that I reached out to Tula and told them how happy I was.  In return, I decided to partner with them so I could share my success story and hope you all have the same luck! I’m not getting paid for this post, I just truly believe in their company.  These products are created with probiotics and other natural superfoods to make your skin better from the inside out.  You can read more about them here.

UPDATE: Tula just launched a new line made with “Kefir” which is a fermented milk that is loaded with all sorts of awesome probiotics.  It has the ability to transform dry irritated skin into soft nourished skin. This is my new FAVORITE which is why I wanted to update my blog with more information about it.  The cleansing oil is amazing, you apply it to dry skin and then rinse it off with warm water.  My skin feels so moisturized after using this.  To me there is nothing worse than that tight dry feeling post cleanse! At night time I have been following up my cleansing with the kefir pressed serum and applying the overnight skin rescue on top of that.  This is what works for my skin in the winter, but everyone is different.  Some of you may need less hydration!

**Winter Tip: Sleep with a cool mist humidifier by your bed, helps add extra moisture into your skin with the weather is crisp and dry!  Also great for keepings colds at bay.

Thanks for reading guys!  If you’re not ready to fully dive into full sized products, which is totally understandable, they have some great starter kits with all the best sellers.  I was able to get a promo code so you could try it yourself and save a bit of money.  Look below!

You can use “KRISTINS15VIP” at checkout for 15% off your order, as well as fast free shipping! You deserve it, glowing skin is always in.  


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