Vintage Modern Bathroom Remodel

Hi friends!  With the past 6 months of doing renovations and my laptop constantly crashing it’s been a long time since I have checked in.  With my designs and Reids construction abilities we have finally finished the bathroom(s) of our dreams!  I can’t say it was easy.  There were many times we wanted to pull our hair out and quit but with a few curse words and sleepless nights it is done and better than ever!

We ripped out nearly every square inch of this bathroom, the only thing that stayed was the vanity.  We ripped out the modular bathtub/shower combo, added a new bathtub and used 6×6 white subway tiles up to the ceiling.  We used oil rubbed bronze hardware in the shower to really make the white tile with white grout pop.  We also decided to do a fun flower pattern in the soap niche to add some flare!  The blue flower pattern ties in with the dark blue vanity.

The bathroom vanity was painted white a few years back and we decided on darkening it up to add some character with all the bright white surroundings happening.  The color used was Benjamin Moore “Hale Navy.”  We hand rolled the frame of the cabinet and sprayed the faces.  The same oil rubbed bronze handles were kept.  We tore up the old tan tile original to the house and picked out a white quartz top with a hint of veining to it.

Hexagon floor: I wanted something classic and timeless so we went with these white hexagon tiles from Home Depot.  They are also pretty reasonable as far as tiling prices goes.  To make the white pop we did charcoal grout!  Darker colors are also much easier to keep clean over time.  I brought in this vintage rug to tie together the theme I was going for, it really helped add some color to the space.  I found it off esale rugs!

The sink: One of our biggest debates with this bathroom was turning it into a double sink.  Since this is the boys bathroom we knew down the road it would be inconvenient to share the one small sink.  Ideally we would have loved to do a new double vanity but we also wanted to keep on budget.  After some research I was able to find this amazing double vessel sink that only required one drain.  Problem solved!  Not only did it fit in our budget, but its easily one of my favorite parts of this bathroom.  We added two tall stainless steel faucets.  I am really digging the mixed metal look right now! To tie it all together we did a classic subway tile with white grout for the backsplash.

The wood ledge: I love NEW but I also adore older homes with character.  With the simple white palette we went with I wanted to add a stained wood ledge to warm it all up.  This is just a 2×6 that was modified with our table saw to fit to our needs.  The stain was one coat of Valspar weathered grey, one coat of early American and 3 coats of matte wood seal.  I added some varying height candles I found on Amazon, and glass vanity jars (old from Home Goods).  The brush holder is from Target!

Hanging plant decor: I love plants, I think they add so much to a room.  I found a bunch of these macrame hanging plants on Amazon and have hung them from the ceiling all around the house.  The current plant in the bathroom is a spider plant, they are pretty low maintenance and don’t require a ton of light.

These macrame wall hangings were found at Home Goods.  Our wall color is the same throughout the house, it is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter…great neutral warming color!

Future plans:  We have everything almost exactly how we want it!  My only other project for this bathroom is adding two floating wood shelves above the toilet for extra storage and added character.  I will stain this the same as the ledge to tie it all together!

I hope you enjoy all of this as much as I do.  Interior design is definitely a passion of mine.  Although it can be stressful its always rewarding seeing all of the designs in my head come to life. I hope one day to make a career of it!

Next blog post will be on the downstairs bathroom… this one is just as amazing if not better!!!  Thanks for reading guys, it’s always very much appreciated.  And please pass my blog along to your friends and family if you think they would be interested.  The more followers the merrier!


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