A Shower Even Pinterest Would Be Jealous Of…

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Let me start this post off by saying I have a slight Pinterest obsession…is anyone else with me on that?  When talk of this beautiful shower arose, I gave my lovely hosts my “Dream Baby Shower” Pinterest page and let them roll with it.  I wasn’t expecting half of it to happen since I am a total diva and pinned things such as Biscuit Bars, vintage milk bottles, and mini pies. Oh my was I wrong!  These girls literally made Pinterest explode all over my house!  It was the sweetest little shower I ever could have hoped for and I loved every second of it.  As you can see photographed above there were mini pies (I think I ate half of them), blue velvet cupcakes, a bubbly bar for the guests, a giraffe diaper cake, mini champagne bottle gift favors, my very own biscuit bar with biscuits from the local farmers market, mustache shaped ice cubes, vintage milk bottles with adorable grey, yellow and mint striped straws and a sparkling soda bar for the oh so sober guest of honor!  The theme was “giraffes” and my color scheme was grey, light yellow and mint.  If you want more stunning baby shower ideas, you can follow my Pinterest page!  There are some crazy creative folks out there and I am so inspired by them.  Thanks for reading friends!

PS – Does anyone else want mini pies and cupcakes after reading this? YUM!

Xoxo 😉


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